Fierce women card game

Card game that promotes and inspires great contributions of women to society.

Play the equality card.

Artsy portraits and concise narratives of 60 women’s significant contributions to the field of Culture, Science, Feminism, Human Rights, Politics and Art combined with a simple set of rules comprehensible to every generation.

Fierce women

60 Fierce women, including Judith Butler, Temple Grandin, Frida Kahlo, Bell Hooks, Kate Bornstein, Naomi Klein, Mary Wollstonecraft, Jo Spence and many more.

Beautiful illustration

Fierce women portraits illustrated in 8 unique styles of Croatian female artists Sanja Stojković, Rina Barbarić, Tea Šokac, Željka Tkalčec, Ana Kovačić, Ivana Štrukelj, Branka Hollingsworth and Nataša Rašović. In the latest edition Fierce Women of Europe they have been joined by Ana Salopek, Polona Drašler, Helena Nemec, Sindy Čolić, Tea Jurišić, Xueh Magrini Troll and Chiara Tallariniyou.

Educational biography

A short description of a particular woman’s fierceness and significant achievements enables you to learn something new and interesting.


Fierce Women of Europe

The deck focuses on Europe, providing an insight into women’s movements, scientific achievements, and artistic concepts across the continent.


Fierce Women of Europe

The NEW Fierce Women of Europe edition was created in collaboration with 14 European artists and brings you more than 40 new beautifully illustrated portraits and biographies of fierce women. 


Action cards

This edition also brings the educational component to another level. While the gameplay remains the same, action cards have been upgraded to include historical events and key developments in the field of gender equality.

Award winning game



Game authors

  • Gabrijela Ivanov
  • Želimir Periš

Production and design

  • Gabrijela Ivanov
  • Željka Vučković
  • Jordi Ilić
  • Tihana Bertek
  • Diana Bekavac
  • Tea Šokac
  • Jimbo Bernaus

Fierce Women of Europe card game was created within the project Fierce Women Change the Map of the World for the Better (UP.

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund. The contents of the game are the sole responsibility of FIERCE WOMEN d.o.o.