Fiercey asks difficult questions – the first Fierce Women picture book

The picture book Fiercey asks difficult questions tells the story of the little girl called Fiercey, who will become a fierce woman when she grows up.

It was written by an award winning author Želimir Periš, while his text was brought to life by Ivana Štrukelj with her bold and visually striking illustrations.

This is our first picture book, in which Fiercey learns about the life and work of Marie Curie and thinks about different times and different customs, which inspires her to ask questions that are not easy to answer.

“One of the wonderful tricks that this picture book hides is that it actually addresses parents as well. When she doesn’t understand some norms of social conventions, Fiercey looks for answers from her parents. We expect that, in the same way, parents who read this picture book to their children will have to face some important questions and enter into a dialogue with their children, and that is the greatest value of the book about Fiercey.

The phrase that we can learn the most from our own children is not a platitude. The world we live in is complex, and if we don’t question some well-worn truths, we are in danger of taking them for granted. A child’s innocent curiosity is a powerful weapon against this danger.”

Želimir Periš, for

Fiercey communicates with a wider spectrum of ages. It is intended for ages 4+, and the story it brings resonates especially with girls, but also with boys, because only together the new generations can build a fair and more equal society.

The picture book Fiercey asks difficult questions is available via Fierce Women shop.


The picture book, Fiercey asks difficult questions was realized as part of the project Fierce  women change the map of the world for the better (UP.

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund. The content of the material is the sole responsibility of FIERCE WOMEN d.o.o.