Superhero Fiercey exposes falsehoods in our new picture book

After the first picture book, in which Fiercey confronted us with important, but somewhat difficult questions, we continue to follow her adventures through the picture book Fiercey exposes falsehoods, in which our heroine learns about the life and work of the investigative journalist Nellie Bly, who inspires her to bravely expose lies and fights for a better society.

The picture book in which the curious Fiercey discovers that not all sources of information are equally reliable, is again written by an award winning author Želimir Periš and illustrated by Ivana Štrukelj. The characters you met in the first picture book, mom, dad, brother Gojko, the dog Faun and the cat Flora are again joining Fierce in her adventure. 

“Straška has decided to change the world. This picture book shows and denounces the present times with humor, but also it gives Fiercey the opportunity to react again, to ask questions and search for answers, no matter how difficult it is. This is precisely why Fiercey continues to be our superheroine, who, critically like her predecessors, all the women who fought throughout history for our rights, goes from day to day and teaches us and our girls and boys about equality, our strength, but also about to that better world that can really be here right away, already tomorrow.”

Monika Herceg

We consider both picture books about Fiercey, as well as the card game Fierce Women, to be excellent tools for encouraging critical thinking, reflecting on gender equality within the family, combating prejudices, and empowering women and girls.

The picture book Fiercey exposes falsehoods is available via Fierce Women shop.


The picture book, Fiercey asks difficult questions was realized as part of the project Fierce  women change the map of the world for the better (UP.

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund. The content of the material is the sole responsibility of FIERCE WOMEN d.o.o.