FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Fierce Women cards?

You can order your deck online via Fierce Women Etsy shop. If you are located in Croatia, you can find us in more than 30 shops and webshops (listed below), and if you are in Serbia, scroll down to see where you can find us.


Order online!
Hoću knjigu webshop
Take me home webshop
Planetopija webshop
Carta Magica webshop
Školska knjiga webshop
Dizajnholik webshop

Hoću knjigu megastore (Bogovićeva 7)
Hoću knjigu City centar Jankomir (Jankomir 33)
Hoću knjigu Arena Centar (Vice Vukova 6)
Take me home (Tomićeva 4)
Market – BigBag (Frane Petrića 3)
Galerija Link (Radićeva 27)
Bookara (Maksimirska 39)
Planetopija (Ilica 68)
Carta Magica (Frankopanska 20)
Školska knjiga (Trg bana Jelačića 14)
Školska knjiga (Bogovićeva 1)
Školska knjiga (Masarykova 28)
Školska knjiga (Kvaternikov trg 12)
Školska knjiga (Ilica 250)
Školska knjiga (Lučićeva 3)
Dizajnholik (Ilica 11)
IKEA (Alfreda Nobela 2)

Školska knjiga (Gundulićeva 8)

Školska knjiga (Kralja Tomislava 6)

Školska knjiga (P. Miličevića 1)
Life According to Kawa (Hvarska 2)

Školska knjiga (Trg fra Andrije Kačića Miošića 8)

Školska knjiga (Trg Ante Starčevića 12)

Sole Luna Design Store (Eufrazijeva 45)

Klub & knjižara Giardini 2 (Giardini 2)

Hoću knjigu Tower center (Janka Polića Kamova 81)
Školska knjiga (Ignacija Henckea 1B)

Prostor (Design shop at Hotel Lone)

Hoću knjigu Joker (Put Brodarice 6)
Školska knjiga (Trg braće Radića 2)
Designer store KRUG (Nepotova 1), summer season
MORE Eco Souvenir/Gift Shop (Nepotova 5)


Order online!
ZLA SHTEK webshop

ZLA SHTEK Streetwear & Smart shop (“Palata Albanija” BB Lokal 3, Podzemni prolaz)

In what languages is the game available?

English, Italian and Croatian.
The first edition of the game was printed in English, but we recently released the Croatian language version, currently available at the IKEA Zagreb office. If you are interested in the Italian language version pleas contact us at hello@fierce-women.net so we can connect you with our distributor there.

Can children play this game?

Yes, the rules are simple, so the game is suitable for every generation, from age 5 and up. Also, you can play the game without using action cards, making it even simpler.

Do you recommend using Fierce Women cards in classroom or workshops?

Yes, due to its educational component, the game is suitable for classroom or workshops. We have also prepared Fierce Women educational package with 16 educational activities focusing on gender equality. You can download it at the end of the page.

Can I send you a suggestion of women I think deserve to be included in future editions of Fierce Women cards?

Of course. It would make us very happy to find out who are the women that inspire you and to expand our Fierce Women database. Send us your suggestion at hello@fierce-women.net.