In the Footsteps of Fierce Women

Guide through women’s history of Croatia

Discover herstory.

This book will introduce you to the life stories of fierce women who lived and worked in Croatia and take you to interesting sites often unknown even to the local population.


The book is bilingual, written in Croatian and English, and is therefore ideal for all those who want to scratch beneath the surface in their exploration of Croatia, whether they are locals or tourists.


The guide also contains two maps: a map of Croatia and a map of Zagreb with marked locations that you can visit. Also, you can read the entries in our interactive map.


Editor: Tihana Bertek
Authors: Tihana Bertek, Marino Sorel, Nina Đurđević, Tara Gudović, Gabrijela Ivanov, Željka Vučković, Nataša Zlatović
Design: Kuna zlatica