Fiercey picture books

Picture books follow Fiercey, an inquisitive, open-minded girl driven by a hunger for knowledge.

Fiercey Asks Difficult Questions

In the picture book, “Fiercey Asks Difficult Questions”, she is fearlessly posing questions that even adults often shun, and while learning about life and work of Marie Curie, she is reflecting on different times and different customs, which inspires her to ask some difficult questions. 

Fiercey Exposes Falsehoods

In the picture book “Fiercey Exposes Falsehoods” she discovers that not all sources of information are equally reliable, and while campaining for the right to truthful information, she learns about the life and work of Nellie Bly, who inspires her to boldly expose falsities and fight for a better society.


Written by Želimir Periš, an award winning author, father of two, and a passionate gamer who designed the gameplay of Fierce Women card game.


Illustrated by Ivana Štrukelj, talented illustrator and copywriter, new mom, and one of the amazing artists who created the portraits of Fierce Women for our card game. 

Ideal for kids age 6+

For girls, and boys, because only together we can build a more equal and just society for all.

  • The picture books Fiercey asks difficult questions and Fiercey Exposes Falsehoods were created within the project Fierce Women Change the Map of the World for the Better (UP.
  • The contents of the picture books are the sole responsibility of FIERCE WOMEN d.o.o
    The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund.