You can order your deck online via Fierce Women Etsy shop. In Croatia, the game is available in more than 30 shops and webshops, and we are happy to say that you can also find us in Serbia, the UK, Austria, Sweden, and Denmark.

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In what languages is the game available?

English, Italian, and Croatian. The first edition of the game was printed in English, Italian and Croatian. The new wedition Fierce Women of Europe deck is available in English.

Can children play this game?

Yes, the rules are simple, so the game is suitable for every generation, from age 5 and up. Also, you can play the game without using action cards, making it even simpler.

Do you recommend using Fierce Women cards in classrooms or workshops?

Yes, due to its educational component, the game is suitable for classrooms or workshops. We have also prepared Fierce Women educational package with 16 educational activities focusing on gender equality.

Can I send you a suggestion of women I think deserve to be included in future editions of Fierce Women cards?

Of course. It would make us very happy to find out who are the women that inspire you and to expand our Fierce Women database. Send us your suggestion via e-mail hello at fierce-women.net or via the social media.

Who are the women featured in original Fierce Women cards game?

Mary Wollstonecraft ⎯ Simone de Beauvoir ⎯ Susan Sontag ⎯ Marija Jurić Zagorka ⎯ Kate Millett ⎯ Helen Keller ⎯ Luce Irigaray ⎯ Hedy Lamarr ⎯ Agnès Varda ⎯ Virginia Woolf ⎯ bell hooks ⎯ Clara Campoamor ⎯ Emma Goldman ⎯ Naomi Klein ⎯ Nellie Bly ⎯ Rosa Luxemburg ⎯ Victoria Woodhull ⎯ Clelia Duel Mosher ⎯ Charlotte Perkins Gilman ⎯ Sophie Scholl ⎯ Yoko Ono ⎯ Jo Spence ⎯ Maria Montessori ⎯ Bertha von Suttner ⎯ Harriet Martineau ⎯ Kate Bornstein ⎯ Temple Grandin ⎯ Angela Carter ⎯ Vivian Maier ⎯ Nan Goldin ⎯ Toni Morrison ⎯ Frida Kahlo ⎯ Sylvia Sleigh ⎯ Hannah Arendt ⎯ Rosa Parks ⎯ Valie Export ⎯ Judith Butler ⎯ Nada Dimić ⎯ Vigdis Finnbogadóttir ⎯ Adrienne Rich ⎯ Valentina Tereškova ⎯ Věra Chytilová ⎯ Yayoi Kusama ⎯ Phoolan Devi ⎯ Emmy Noether ⎯ Marie Curie ⎯ Hypatia ⎯ Vera Rubin ⎯ Annie Jump Cannon ⎯ Ada Lovelace ⎯ Tracey Emin ⎯ Maria Gaetana Agnesi ⎯ Celia Sánchez ⎯ Clarice Lispector ⎯ Stephanie Kwolek ⎯ Rosalind Franklin ⎯ Eleanor Roosevelt ⎯ Ivana Brlić Mažuranić ⎯ Françoise d’Eaubonne ⎯ Vandana Shiva ⎯ Germaine Dulac ⎯ Hilma af Klint

* The list slightly varies depending on the edition.